Sunday, March 30, 2008

Courses for the April 13 event in North Umstead

Two days ago I received a confirmation from the park management that Umstead North is OK for the April 13 event. Moreover, they told us that we will be able to use a small shelter there for registration and start, which is very nice.

I designed the courses yesterday and after a few minor corrections from Tanya and Joseph, the courses went to the park management for review. If everything goes smoothly here are the parameters:

  • White 1.8 KM, 9 controls
  • Yellow 2.8 KM, 11 controls
  • Orange 3.5 KM, 12 controls
  • Brown 4.4 KM 12 controls
  • Green 5.5 KM 14 controls
  • Red 7.3 KM, 17 controls

Runners will be able to choose between Brown, Green and Red around the middle of the course.

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