Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug 29 in Schenck Forest - Results

Got the results out

The data in the download box was a mess... I fixed it the best I could, but I am afraid that some data, like Charles' splits didn't get recorded at all.

Other than that I am happy with the way event went. I feel like my goal of making a challenging set of courses at Schenck was achieved. We always used to do something simple there: Score-Os and such, while in fact the forest has bigger potential. Especially during summer time.

P.S. And I got some fried chanterelle mushrooms out of it - got a bunch when setting up controls on Saturday :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Everything is ready! I believe it is the first time I have every single control set a day before the event, so I can arrive at the same time as everybody else and still be on time :)

Tanya helped me to set controls this afternoon, so there will be some inconsistency in the controls high. She was merciful and set her controls about half meter from the ground, while mine are mostly lying on the ground with one corner slightly sticking up.

The idea of this course is that you absolutely have to find the small feature the control is on before you'll be able to see the control. No looking from far away or even from 10-15 meters away.

I also just realized that I missed two controls when designing the courses. That is I had 28 ribbons set, but used only 26 of them. Bummer...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aug 29 in Schenck Forest event is approved

Just got an approval for the Aug 29 event and designed the courses. It won't be a score-O this time. Actually nothing tricky (well, almost, there will be some tough vegetation crossings), but the courses will be "sprinty" in nature. Just to give you a teaser:

  • Blue: 6.6 km, 26 controls
  • Red: 5.9 km, 23 controls
  • Green: 5.1 km, 21 control
  • Brown: 4.0 km, 17 controls