Sunday, October 9, 2011

Preparing for Bubba Goat

Went out today and set half of the ribbons. What a beautiful day, the forest was absolutely gorgeous, sun was shiny and mushrooms all over!

The courses are not approved yet, but I am pretty sure that this set of controls won't be questioned by the park. Stumbled on a ribbon for coming 10/16 event and set a Bubba Goat ribbon alongside it. Ha! I guess I have an unfair advantage now :) But no worry - I still can't run and will be walking next Sunday... It's funny how I can walk 7-8 kms without problems, but can't run even 50 yards. Oh well... I hope it'll get resolved eventually.

Meanwhile, half of the ribbons are set. The other half will have to wait until the park approves the courses.

One last thing, I hope to see you all this Wednesday at Joseph's house (see here). If you would like to help the club or just interested in the way it operates, by all means COME!