Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Biking trails in the Schenck Forest

If you have ever ran an advanced course in the Schenck Forest, you definitely saw them: totally confusing set of trails in the north west part of the area, not marked on the map. Well, they are now, but I can tell you, the area got even more confusing with the trails, finally, on the map. Look at the picture (1:2500 scale!!) and judge for yourself. These unnatural trails simply clatter the map and distract from other features. You can see sometime multiple other trails just a few meters away, but if you use a trail to get there, it'll take 5 minutes! These trails are not in any way a shortest way between point A and B.

Obviously bikers and runners have different understanding of a word 'trail' :-) So, my advice would be to try to IGNORE these trails when looking for controls in that area.

(click on the image to see the full picture).


BlackRussian said...

I still think that for short legs some of those trails will be quite useful.
Great job, Vladimir!

Vaskor said...

Maybe, but I doubt it :-) The area is very open and terrain is easier to follow in this case. It is really hard to distinguish between those trails - so many of them so close to each other.

And, thank you, Artem!