Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ribbons and Map refreshes

Spent 5 hours in Umstead today setting ribbons for the Jan 25 event. What a great winter day it was! Below freezing, but sunny and calm. We so rarely get such weather over here.

Anyway, I set almost all ribbons (only 2 orange ones remained). However I faced a new problem. As you probably know, some areas of the Umstead park were mapped quite a few years ago and not current anymore. There were also a few inaccuracies (especially with rocks and cairns) from the very beginning. Every time I was setting courses I would notice these issues and would either ignore them or move controls slightly to avoid inaccurate features. This time I decided to confront the problem and instead of moving the controls fix the map. That's why 5 hours... I ended up fixing the map (only in control areas) in 6 places.

I'll send the new map to Joseph, of course. But I wonder, do we need a new way to maintain maps within the club, so people who make such small refreshes could simply upload new versions somewhere (with comments). And maybe have Joseph simply approve/reject the changes?

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