Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25 event in South Umstead

Back in Belarus I participated in orienteering events when snow was knee-to-waist deep, marshes were covered with a thin and easily breakable layer of ice, freezing mixture of snow and rain was falling. Yes, I've been through some cold events. Well, today's event took it rightful place on my list. Though it wasn't snowing or raining, 7 hours in near zero (Celsius) temperature with 5 of them mostly standing still made the trick. Brrr...

Apart from that the event was a success. Surprisingly a lot of people came (including a big group of 30 kids and parents who went on Orange). There were a lot of rented sticks and many people attended the class (thanks, Ken!). Many new faces, the club is visibly growing.

Also Mihai brought new and shiny big Umstead Park maps for sale. It is amazing how much work BOK put into it and it was gratifying to see people buying them. We plan to have them on some of the future events as well.

As for the courses, there were only two complains. One was about Red being unusually long and another one about Red having a confusing "cross" between controls 6 and 7. Several runners mistakenly took 7 before 6 and had to visit 7 twice as a result. What can I say... I really wanted to have this 1KM long uninterrupted leg and making the course cross itself was the only way I could achieve it. People who ran it "properly" ended up likening this challenging leg :-)

Finally, I want to thank all the helpers. As usual many people helped and I appreciate it very much.

  • Ken Hanson and Terese Camp - beginners class and controls pick up
  • Michael and Tanya Stemkovski - controls setup, pick up, registration, start and finish
  • Bill Eberstein - controls pickup
  • David Seibert's family - controls pickup (I hope I remembered the name correctly. I apologize if not..)
  • Joseph Huberman and Ruth Bromer - courses review

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