Friday, January 2, 2009

Mapping in Fred G Bond Metro Park. Part 2

Here is the Part 2 of the mapping report. It covers almost all December activities.

1. December 6
It was the only time Tanya went with me. The weather was great and we had a nice few hours in the park. Along the way I fixed elevation lines around the Community Center a bit, put a flat re-entrant on the very north of that segment and then made the first pass on new elevation around the Seniors Center.

2. December 14
Big step forward. Finalized elevation lines in the Seniors Center segment and did full field check for the north part of this segment. It was the first 100% done part of the new map!

3. December 15
Completed field check for the south part of the Seniors Center segment as well as south west from the Community center. As soon as "elevation" problem was out of the way, the whole process sped up significantly.
Also decided to avoid using "undergrowth" lines (whenever I can) and use different shade of green instead. So far I used 4 different shades: 20% (which is quite runnable), 35% (nasty), 50% (hard to walk) and "poisonous" green (impassable). Yes, there are a few physically impassable areas in this park - beware!

4. December 16
Field check and minor elevation fixes north of the Community Center. Note the "impassable" green there. The whole area is very hard to go through, though small.

5. December 20
Completed field check of the Community Center segment. White area was quick and easy. And as a result the whole north part of the park was done. Compare it with the original map!

The only remaining challenging piece was Boat House area (with new buildings), but more about it later.

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