Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ribbons at Schenck

Set the ribbons for the Aug 21 advanced event yesterday - took me three hours of very careful walking - but the knee held out. Got some pain at the end, but it's clearly getting stronger. Yay!

Didn't have to move any controls, but will need to update the map a bit - a trail disappeared, a gully went in wrong direction (well, it was always plotted wrongly, we just never used it...) - this kind of things. I won't be updating areas where the forest was cut down though... Remembering Artem's warning I didn't put any controls close to the Reedy Creek road, so the courses were fine, but I'd say we lost about 10% of the forest due to the cutting and logging. I hope that area will be seeded with new trees, but who knows.

There is another area where trees were cut down - in the north-west corner, right behind the fence. I guess technically it's not the park - looks like this area was cut down for some kind of housing or business development. Oh well...

Also get ready for some mud walking - looks like the lake went bust a few days ago - a large area along the creek is all covered with a thick layer of mud (including the trail).

The courses look good though, I really like how they came out.

See you on Sunday!

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