Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RGB+ courses on Apr 18

Just posted an announcement on the BOK site about extra RGB+ courses on Sunday. After the Falls Lake event where we competed on the very outdated map and which I loved, I decided to give it a try at Umstead. I played with the map and removed all man made features from it, such as trails, roads, buildings, fences, power lines and parking lots. My goal was to get rid of all man made features including linear features, like power lines and rides. The initial cut was close but not quite there - I could still see power lines using vegetation. So I went ahead and got rid of all yellow stuff as well as some green stuff at power lines. The result was a truly "surreal" South Umstead map. Every control as well as start and finish were literally in the middle of nowhere and some legs became very complex (and I am sure confusing too).

So that'll be the map for the RGB+ courses. I don't know how will it go, but I can promise an adventure for people who would risk trying it.

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Anonymous said...

it was a great fun to run on Red+ . I agree that Umstead map looked surreal. Sometimes one could figure out trails by looking at the configuration of bridges, the dam and vegetation, but at times extra knowledge actually hurt instead of helping: I missed 14th control by running on a trail and not concentating on the terrain... Alas, my personal misfortune at #12 (25 minutes were lost in search of it) had nothing to do with the trails not being mapped.
Thanks again, and let's do Umstead North Plus next!