Monday, September 21, 2009

Results for the Sep 20 event

Published the results:

Took me several hours to reconcile the registration cards with the downloaded results spreadsheet. At the end I still had 2 registration cards not assigned to any entry, as if those two people never started...

The event was a blur. This was the first time Tanya and I were doing the September event, when renewals are due and usually many people come. What can I say, it was the tough one. I can hardly remember anything from the first hour and a half. And I am so grateful to Artem, Eugene, Mihai and Bill for taking care of the controls pickup - you guys are great!

Controls wise, I was surprised that nobody complained about #44 - it was the one I had troubles setting correctly. The other one was #53 - which was indeed a tough one, I did checked it from 3 different directions just in case. #48 "the pit", well... you know :-) And, of course, #50. Actually, I didn't think much about that one - it was quite easy to find and get to from the top. But Tanya did tell me after she set the control that I was cruel to others by placing the control there. But it was fun, wasn't it?

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misa said...

Thank you for putting the event together, it was definitely a challenging one.

The only trouble with #53 was that I thought it was too far up the reentrant.

#48 was confusing (for me) because twice I approached it from NE, from the bend in the trail, and what I thought were the 3 converging ditches were not close to a stream. Now, if I had actually paid attention to the contours I would have noticed the pit was supposed to be quite a bit above the stream. Either way, the distances seemed a bit off.

Surprisingly with #50, I had troubles seeing the reentrant from the top. Even when I went to retrieve it, I went too far East, and I ended up above the spring. From the bottom, it was easy to count one reentrant East of the distinct stream. Maybe I'm just twisted that way.