Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finishing field work in Schenck Forest

I think I am done with the field work there. It's not 100%, but I think the refresh coverage is decent enough and it is the best I can do for the May event.

Spent 4 hours in the eastern part of the Schenck Forest today despite two thunderstorms. Got soaked twice. I can tell you, it is really hard to map while holding the map holder upside down all the time :)

Spent most of the time in the north-east part, it was indeed very outdated. No wonder I got lost there during the last year's event - the map in that area was plain wrong! I mean it, even terrain has changed. None of the trails was accurate and all yellow areas either disappeared or became dark green.

Didn't refresh the hill on the south-east end of the park, as there was a tent set by homeless people. I didn't dare to disturb them. I don't remember this tent from the last year, it must be new. What's up with all these homeless people's settlements in Umstead and Schenck? It's kind of sad and disturbing.

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